Wallaby with chromedriver - timeout error

I try to launch testing with wallaby and chromedriver.
Chromedriver is installed, working with Hound properly , but with Wallaby i’ve got error :

18:28:14.080 [info]  Already up

  1) feature users have names (BehedgeWeb.WallTest)
     ** (RuntimeError) timeout waiting for chromedriver to be ready
       (wallaby 0.25.1) lib/wallaby/chrome.ex:254: Wallaby.Chrome.wait_until_ready!/1
       (wallaby 0.25.1) lib/wallaby/chrome.ex:216: Wallaby.Chrome.start_session/1
       (wallaby 0.25.1) lib/wallaby.ex:90: Wallaby.start_session/1
       (wallaby 0.25.1) lib/wallaby/feature.ex:152: Wallaby.Feature.Utils.start_session/2
       (elixir 1.10.3) lib/enum.ex:1400: anonymous fn/3 in Enum.map/2
       (elixir 1.10.3) lib/enum.ex:2116: Enum.map/2
       test/behedge_web/live/engine/strategy/wall_test.exs:3: BehedgeWeb.WallTest.__ex_unit_setup_0/1
       test/behedge_web/live/engine/strategy/wall_test.exs:1: BehedgeWeb.WallTest.__ex_unit__/2

Any suggestion ?

Thanks in advance for help.

I was getting the same error when using an old version of chromedriver (2.41). Updating to the latest seems to have resolve the issue. I’m thinking this may be related to #518, which introduced a call to chromedriver’s status endpoint to determine readiness.

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