Want to contribute to your OS Project!

Hi Community,

As of now, I’m currently out of work and looking to deep dive into Elixir and the Community.

I have a bit of room in my schedule to work on projects, and I’d love to explore the possibility of taking on any delegation that would assist you. I believe this would be beneficial for both of us because I get to learn and be challenged and you get assistance and less burden.

We could chat more about this … Please send you my initial thoughts/plan, as well as get to you if its something feasible with my skills.

I appreciate you and looking forward to working together.



Hi @JovaniPink! :wave:

ElixirLS could always use some help and more contributors :slight_smile: Specifically, it would be helpful to have someone to help triage issues for the two main repos:

Especially vscode-elixir-ls since I’ve been doing most of that support, yet I don’t actually use VSCode as my editor. Any help would be very much appreciated :heart: