We have moved to a new server!

If you can see this, you’re on our new server :023:

SSL cert has now also been installed :slight_smile:

If you notice any other issues, please let us know.


I couldn’t access the forum earlier today–my browser told me that the connection was unsafe and it wouldn’t let me proceed to the forum website. I don’t know if that had to do with your SSL certificate or not.

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Yes that’s correct - we had to use a self-signed cert until the DNS propagated (as Let’s Encrypt will only issue a certificate for a domain if it’s on the requesting server IP). Most browsers will report a self signed cert as insecure :slight_smile:


@elixirforum can you check routes with http://sponsors.elixirforum.com/?
When you click in sponsors link in menu - address not found.

browser - Google Chrome
version - 68.0.3440.106
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Thanks… done :023:

Giveaway sites also done :slight_smile:

@elixirforum @AstonJ
Not really important, but now (maybe also earlier?) µBlock is hiding login with … buttons. If I remember correctly I did not had such situation previously. If anyone do not see login with … buttons then make sure to turn off ad blocker for this site.

That’s odd, we’ve not changed anything there. Do you get the same on meta.discourse.org?

But yeah, you can safely turn off add blocker for the forum as we do not (and have no intentions of) running google-type ads here.

@AstonJ ok, I found it

All µBlock users which uses login with … button(s) needs to disable: Fanboy’s Anti-Thirdparty Social rule or add elixirforum.com to exceptions list.

Same applies to meta.discourse.org and every other discourse-based forum.