We rewrote Remote with Elixir to help you work remotely and want your feedback

Hello there,

The new Remote (live for almost 2 weeks) is a fully elixir-backed platform.

For over 4 years now, I’ve been advocating for the productivity and performance of Elixir, two things that often don’t go hand in hand. Not because of what the articles say so or what the community brags about so much but because both as a developer and manager I’ve experienced this across several projects, I know it for a fact.

Because of this, we’ve been iterating a lot over the last week, on what we knew for a fact it was the worst version of Remote, adding requested features, fixing bugs, etc. and it feels great to see the platform change everyday for the better!

Why did we do it? As a dad of a 4 month old boy I’m thankful everyday for the chance to be around whenever he needs me the most, always. There are several reasons why working remotely is great, I won’t go into it right now as it’s off-topic, but I’m very certain it can improve most people’s quality of life.

So, we’d love to get feedback on the platform, about anything! And here’s a 100% discount code if you want to post jobs for the next month :slight_smile: There’s no catch, your feedback is actually worth way more than what we’d charge for a job post anyways :wink:

Discount code: ELIXIR

Thank you!


That looks awesome. I’m in a fully remote company and will definitely pass it along!

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Awesome! Any feedback or things you’d like to see there please let me know.

amen to that

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My only feedback is… I hope we get more Elixir jobs listed soon! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s a question (feedback in a way): how do you do your searches? I tried searching for “devops”, and you know what, one of the results that came out does not even have the word in it: https://remote.com/jobs/senior-high-ticket-closer-b74c0fac-eb24-473a-bd7b-4584db7095ad

I know right!? That’s also why I posted the discount code :stuck_out_tongue:

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We’re aware. So we Elasticsearch and configured the mapping analyzer to be super flexible in things like "backend, “back-end” “back end”, however in doing so we later realised it returns all things even if a field mentions “end” or “back”. This is specially noticeable if there are low volume of jobs, as is the case right now. A fix is on its way :slight_smile:

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