Web Application Engineer - Tokyo/Remote, Visa Sponsorship

RESTAR is a Japanese startup providing a B2B information analysis/management platform for the real estate industry. We are leveraging Elixir, Phoenix, and the BEAM to build the REMETIS platform, making it easier for real estate companies and financial institutions to access and understand data. We integrate publicly available information and client data to lower real estate transaction costs and simplify complex investment workflows.

Although we have proven a market need and obtained product-market-fit, we still believe we are in the beginning stages of building the REMETIS platform. We have many ideas for the future expansion of the platform.

Location & Remote Work

We have a gorgeous office near Shinagawa station in Tokyo that you’re welcome to work out of, but it is possible to work remotely (Notice: You will work from 11:00 to 18:00 (JST) to adjust the engineer team’s working hours in Japan when you work from overseas).

Relocation assistance, including visa sponsorship is provided.

We do not currently have any employees outside of Japan, but we are open to the possibility.


  • Annual salary: 5 million yen to 12 million yen
  • Stock options available depending on the order of joining the company
  • Standard insurance schemes: Health Insurance, Japanese Employee’s Pension, Employment insurance, Workers’ accident compensation insurance
  • 20 days paid leave (from 7th month after joining us)

About us

My name: Reiji Hatsugai
My position: Recruitment staff
Company name: RESTAR
Website: https://www.restar-inc.com/
Country: Japan

About the position

In this position, you’ll develop our REMETIS platform, working as a generalist on both the frontend and backend. As we’re an early-stage startup, you’ll contribute to and shape the product in a significant way, closely collaborating with product leadership to plan new features and improvements.

Our team is focused on technical excellence, and continually improving our technical ability. This means you’ll provide guidance to other engineers, both through discussions and code reviews. You’ll also help to refine our software engineering standards and guidelines.

Rather than proficiency with specific technologies, we care more about how motivated you are to learn and your general engineering knowledge.

The position will involve continuous learning, be it about the domain of the real estate industry, or learning new technologies as the need arises.

Tech Stack

  • Backend: Elixir, Phoenix
  • Front end: Vue.js, Typescript
  • DB: PostgreSQL
  • Search: Elasticsearch
  • Infrastructure: AWS
  • Others: Github, Discord, Height


  • Experience building RESTful web services with server-side technology such as Phoenix, Node.js, Python, Rails, or any other MVC framework
  • A good understanding of backend and database technologies
  • A solid understanding of the security, performance, and scalability implications of code you write
  • Conversational-level Japanese

It isn’t required, but be sure to mention it in your application if you have it.

  • Experience working at a Seed or Series-A startup.

The interview process:

We have a six-stage process. Successful candidates at each stage will proceed to the next.

  1. Online application
  2. A short written technical test (not a take-home project) that you can complete in your own time
  3. An explanation about RESTAR from our CTO
  4. A discussion with our Engineering team and CTO
  5. Culture Fit round: A chance to meet our non-Engineer members and CEO
  6. Offer

Our Culture

We seek and embrace diverse viewpoints

To bring diversity to our team, we hire multinational members (and are open to people who aren’t based in Japan yet). Additionally, we encourage each individual to actively express their opinions and provide opportunities for communication about recruiting, products, and the direction of our business.

We pursue sustainable growth

Regarding sustainable growth, we have agreed with our investors to focus on long-term growth (and ignore short-term profit). Each individual on the team provides value beyond the client’s expectations by identifying and pursuing the client’s ideal vision based on an understanding of the industry’s overall business

We flexibly switch between English and Japanese

Basically all members understand both languages, but some prefer to speak in English and some prefer Japanese. Depending on who you talk with or what we talk about, we flexibly change languages.

Apply and More Information

For more information and to apply, please see our recruitment site:

Web Application Engineer