Web server crashes and does not recover after compilation error

On my development local environment (using Phoenix 1.3+Elixir 1.6), when I do a mistake in the code and there is a compilation error, if I reload the exception page displayed without fixing the error, I get this Chrome error:

As you see, in the console I get MyWebApp.Endpoint.call/2 is undefined errors.

Now the webserver does not respond anymore, even if I fix the mistake in the code, I need to relaunch the web server completely which is a bit annoying…

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I get that sometimes, I’ve not looked closely into the cause but I think it is caused by just too many errors happening so quickly that the main supervisor for the endpoint dies and does not get properly restarted for some reason. Maybe one of the phoenix dev’s knows why it is not being restarted properly? There is usually more stacktrace above and below what you posted too, can anyone post it all? I’ll try it I remember the next time it happens.

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