WebCamp Zagreb 2019 Talks

In case someone is interested, the videos from the event are now online and can be found here. We had a few Elixir talks this year, including Lobbying with Elixir: Real-Time LiveView and OTP by @evadne, Building a GameBoy emulator with Elixir and Scenic by @Tuxified, and my own take on parser combinators.

There were a couple of more people from Elixir community present, some as speakers, others as visitors. I personally had a great time hanging out with everyone, and hope I’ll see even more of you at the next edition :slight_smile:


Nice! I’m pretty sure the GameBoy emulator and LiveView talks are going to interest a lot of people - as well as yours of course Saša :003:


Thanks for the videos :slight_smile:


BTW, I can highly recommend visiting WebCamp, it was a really, really nice conference, especially considering the low ticket price. I also enjoyed it as a speaker, they take really good care of speakers (I wish more Erlang/Elixir confs will pick up their example)