WebCamp Zagreb is looking for speakers

WebCamp Zagreb is officially announced for this October. This is a great two days, two tracks event which attracts about 1000 developers and designers. If anyone is interested to submit a talk, you can do it here. Hope I’ll see some of you in Zagreb :slight_smile:


Do you plan on presenting something Elixir related? Also … are there “hacking spaces” at WebCamp Zagreb? Would be interesting / fun to have an Elixir space / corner if such things exist there …

I was in Zagreb last year for a conferences. Loved it. This looks like an interesting reason to return? :slight_smile:

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Not sure yet, it depends on a couple of other things. If I do submit a proposal, it will probably be for a redelivery of my recent ElixirDaze talk. In any case, I’ll at least be there as an attendee.

Since the Elixir scene is not very big here, it would be cool if others would submit some Elixir/Phoenix talks :slight_smile:

There weren’t any dedicated spaces at the conference venue, but there were some workshops happening during the week of the conference.

It’s a very nice city, and the weather is usually nice at that time of the year, so I hope I’ll see you here :slight_smile:

I’ll bump this thread, because CFP ends this Tuesday (4th of July). Hope I’ll see some Elixir/Phoenix submissions and talks :slight_smile: