Webrtc + stun + open ssl 1.0 + Ubuntu 23 = ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Iโ€™ve been trying to lean webrtc and have found a need for a stun/turn server.

Naturally this seems to be the most common solution for the Elixir community.

The issue Iโ€™m running into at the moment is figuring out the right process for installing OpenSSL 1.0.0+ on Ubuntu23. I realize this is not an elixir specific issue but since it would look as if this mix lib is the most common I was wondering what people are doing for a stun server right now given the issues with openssl 1?

There are public STUN servers you can use. I think there is even one from Google. If it is only STUN you want, you can solve the problem this way. But it is most probably not what you want.

VoIP and WebRTC will not work reliably without a TURN server. A TURN server is a relay server meaning that the audio traffic will be routed over it if needed (peer to peer connections are not always possible). This means it will be under heavy load if you have many users. Therefore, there are no public TURN servers. You need to run your own. And since a TURN server usually also implements the STUN protocol, you will probably end up using your own server for STUN and TURN.

I used Coturn and was happy with it. It is not an Erlang or Elixir implementation but does the job pretty good as far as I can tell.