Websockets and iOS apps questions

Before i try to build a ios app with phoenix as backend server I have a question. So, I am going to build a demo ios messaging app that will use phoenix channels and I havent found much info on the web so if you guys have done something like this can u tell me

I am going to build an ios chat app that will be using phoenix. So if any of you guys have experience with it, can you please clear some of my questions?

  • What are the pitfalls/limitations when using phoenix websocket with ios apps
  • Do I have to make any changes in the phoenix channel side to get websocket working for ios apps?
  • Any tutorial that I can go to, to connect phoenix websocket and ios app?

check out GitHub - davidstump/SwiftPhoenixClient: Connect your Phoenix and iOS applications through WebSockets! if you are going for swift ios app… it includes a basic example and link to more advanced ones…

personally I use phoenix channels for my ios/android apps - though I use react native - so I actually use the standard phoenix.js implementation - works great!

I run everything over the channels (except initial login that is a normal POST)… no issues, works wonderfully…


How has been your battery consumption and performance on spotty connections ?