Weird issue with Arc/ cast_attachment

Hey there,
Probably it is something small but I cannot seems to figure it out for now…
I am trying to upload picture with arc, and adding it to my db to later load it from s3.

I have it already working in other schemas but here it just doesn’t want to happen.

I was able to locate the issue, that when I am doing cast_attachment, it just doesn’t happen, in this file.
I tested the generated image uploaded and it is working in other instances where the casting of the attachment happens, and it is working, but in this case even if i change the image uploader (I mean the generated file by arc here xxxx.xxxx.Type), still doesn’t work.
So the Arc generated files don’t get triggered from this schema.

The picture shows up in the tmp folder.

Why can this be?

it was bad naming :blush: