Wenable Technologies Elixir Jobs - remote (India)

Introductory paragraph
We are looking for a developer experienced with Elixir, Phoenix, and Ruby and interested in expanding into new technologies to join our growing team.
You will work on micro services to develop features using Elixir, Phoenix & Ruby
technologies. you will work with our applications team writing and testing lean and highly concurrent software.

What You’ll Be Doing:

● Building product features and architecture in Phoenix
● Designing Elixir/Phoenix frameworks to improve efficiency
● Writing tests, review code, document processes, handle support issues
● Collaborating closely with teammates
● Assuming ownership over your system components
● Helping to mentor junior engineers as the team grows


● Experience working with Elixir/Phoenix
● Experience with Ruby
● Experience with TDD workflow
● Experience working with GraphQL & REST APIs
● Experience working with Postgres
● Ability to work independently
● Desire to constantly learn & improve.
● Bonus: Knowledge of Go, AWS, Docker, k8s, helm

About us

My name: Anil Kumar M
My position: HR Manager
Company name: Wenable Technologies
Country: INDIA
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):

About the job

Job title: Sr. Elixir Developer
Job description: Mentioned Above
Salary range: Depends on the candidate Experience(paid by the Company - Wenable)
Position on remote work: YES
Qualifications or experience required:
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Elixir, Phoenix and Ruby

About the interview process

ONE Panel Round

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The application form on your website does not work. Always gives “Session expired” error.

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Please also include salary range. And remove the template text.

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