We're giving away two tickets to Code Elixir LDN!

Code Elixir LDN 18 is just around the corner - and the Code Sync team have given us two tickets to give away!

The Code Sync team tell us that through talks and face-to-face networking, Code Elixir LDN will broaden your understanding of Elixir and help you develop new skills. They say it’s a platform that can help you get involved in the future of Elixir’s development, present your ideas, showcase new tools and techniques and unlock business development opportunities. This year they’re introducing all-new breakout sessions with even more opportunities to skill-share!

Check out the video from Code Elixir LDN 17 (fka Elixir.LDN) featuring José Valim and friends answering the internet’s Elixir questions!

How to win

To be in with a chance to win a ticket - tell us what question you really want to ask this year’s speakers. You must include 1) the speaker’s name, and 2) your question. (You can see the list of speakers here.)

Submit your most creative, insightful, technical, or just humorous questions in this thread for your chance to win! The CodeSync team will then pick their two favourites in a week’s time and contact you via PM. Not only that, the winning questions will be posed to the speakers at the conference too!

If you don’t want to chance it, you can get 20% off your ticket to Code Elixir LDN here!


Just giving this a quick bump - don’t miss your chance to win :003: :023:

  1. Maciej Kaszubowski
  2. What’s best practices apply for building a scalable/clusterable app with Elixir?

Michael Krax: What’s the most underrated/underused tool in the Elixir’s tooling in your opinion?
Peter Saxton: What’s your favourite change between cowboy 1.x and cowboy 2?
Maciej Kaszubowski: In Erlang/Elixir there’s a frequently used pattern of “singleton” processes, where only one of the type exists in the node. How do you deal with those when scaling up to multi-node clusters with individual nodes potentially going down, and worse yet, network partitions happening?


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