What are some good Elixir codebases to read/learn from?

What are some good codebases to read? At present, I wish to dive deeper into gen_stage and other stuff. I am going through the book “Concurrent data processing in Elixir” but I wish I had a ‘production’ codebase to refer to, not just examples.

So please send pointers to open source codebases that leverage elixir’s concurrent processing. gen_stage, fsm etc

For other things (like LiveView), my goto codebase is : GitHub - fly-apps/live_beats


Check this and this.


Would be nice if there was a way to keep the mix phx.gen steps used on popular projects.

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I’ve aways put the command I run as the body of the initial commit. I usually do the clean-up as part of that commit but now I’m thinking it would be better to commit as-is and do the clean-up as a separate commit.

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I’m doing something similar, but with an index:

Created a mix.log file

I add the command there and commit everything as-is.

the log file makes it easier to see what I actually use when reading changelog, and to see what was created from it.