What are some industry-relevant eye-catching elixir-ecosystem portfolio projects?

I want to start building a portfolio using the elixir-ecosystem as I learn phoenix, liveview and ecto.

I would very much appreciate suggestions regarding industry relevant projects in areas such as full-stack web development and federated systems, **edit:**or even multi language projects (i.e rust and elixir ecosystems, or julia and elixir ecosystems),.

Thanks in advance.

I think one of the best way is to contribute to open source projects in the ecosystem.

Projects are looking for people. It can be as easy as documentation (although relevant docu is not easy) and can then go to code PRs.

Relevant portfolios are difficult, because the industries are so different. I once had an interview and I got a small challenge to do something with an blockchain api. If you have this in the portfolio it does not interest others.

But if you know what industry you want to break in then I would look at that and code something specifically.

So as you ask about Phoenix, Liveview create a component with data access. For example, a full featured list with paging and tailwind css that can handle thousands of records without bringing everything to a halt.


Thanks a lot for your insight.

I really appreciate it.

One prominent project worth looking into would be Plausible Analytics.