What are some production applications using Phoenix LiveView?

Hi all!

I know that quite a few people use Phoenix LiveView but it is hard to get a more up-to-date list of folks/companies using it. I am asking primarily to feel at ease with my choice of using LiveView for my next app as compared to Remix and a more traditional React-based front-end. I can definitely go with Remix for the front-end but would prefer not to duplicate a lot of logic between the backend and front-end if I can help it.

I am more curious to hear about apps that are a bit interactive and potentially contain animations.

I know the following companies use it:

For the whole app. It is open source and on GitHub.

Primarily used for the dashboard. Not sure where else it is being used.

For the whole app it seems like.

Would love to hear about more from the community.


We use it at eikko.ai. The website (which you can ignore as is it very thin) and the app itself (after registered).


We have developed a sophisticated smart city platform over the last few years where we started with Ember.js and Graphql and ripped everything out and are now basically LiveView only. You can check some screenshots on our homepage www.city-monitor.com or public facing dashboard / app at https://live.dornbirn.at. All of the widgets are LiveViews.

A list of products built on LiveView can be seen here: GitHub - caspg/made-with-liveview: Explore the real-world potential of Phoenix LiveView through a showcase of impressive web applications.. Some of the listed products have their source code available as open-source too

I’m using it in my Open Source Mailchimp alternative Keila that has been in production for about two years now :slight_smile: