What are the Cavet's in upgrading oban 2.6.1 to v2.11, (2.6 to 2.16)

Has anyone experienced upgrading Oban from an older version to the latest one? Was it a smooth ride? Besides the official changelogs and upgrade guides, are there any hidden pitfalls I should be aware of before taking the plunge?

Is a gradual upgrade to Oban 2.16/2.17 recommended over a direct jump from 2.6? My priority is minimizing risks

There are upgrade guides for v2.11, v2.12, v2.14, and v2.17. Provided you follow the upgrade guides, apply the config changes, and run the necessary migrations, it’s safe to jump up that many versions without steps.

The biggest caveat is around leadership and notification changes. Be sure you aren’t still using plugins: false and that your pubsub is functional. If you run into issues, chances are it’s covered in the troubleshooting guide. If not, follow up with your issue here and we’ll make sure it gets into the upgrade or troubleshooting guide for the next person :slightly_smiling_face: