What are these "quirks" errors and how to get rid of them?

I see 3 issues/errors in my Chrome console:

Can anybody explain what they mean and how to get rid of them?

The browser is interpreting your document as pre-HTML 5 because you’re missing the <!DOCTYPE html> tag. Without that tag, you’re entering the world of quirks (“hacks”) that browser need to employ to maintain backwards compatibility with older HTML specs.

Nope, I have this at the beginning of my root.html.heex file:


I mean, perhaps it’s only extensions in Chrome, because when I go in the incognito mode and turn off all browser extensions it doesn’t show any issues.


The error is for /phoenix/live_reload/frame, which does not use your layout. You can probably just ignore it given it’s related to dev tooling.

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This has recently been addressed, but it hasn’t been released yet.

Yeah, I forgot that I have set live code reloader to false. When I turn it back to true in dev.exs file, the live_reload frame error message gets back ;D.

But if it is only during development, so, it is not a major issue.