What are your experiences using Dokku for Phoenix in production?


I’ve seen Dokku being thrown here and there as a simple deployment solution for Phoenix. Mostly people mentioned using it for their hobby projects, but never really for production. Dokku-related threads are pretty rare to find so I could not find any “good” experiences with production apps.

For those that use Dokku to deploy Phoenix apps, have you used it in production? What was your experience? Is it good enough for SME apps? e.g limitations, roadblocks

Thank you.

For anybody wondering: Dokku (link to website)

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I’m inferring possibly the wrong intent behind the phrasing “production”, but I personally don’t think any solution that is explicitly and permanently single-host is at all appropriate to build a business around. That is too fragile. There is no migration path to High Availability without totally switching deployment methodologies.

If you admire the PAAS model, I would suggesting sticking to Gigalixir or Heroku (or perhaps Render?) until you are successful enough that the premium price is outweighing the engineering cost of taking over managing it yourself, which is a good problem to have.


Dokku is perfectly fine for production. I use it to host several sites, phoenix and rails. No issues and simple for me to manage.

They are not high traffic services, so there‘s that.

If you want high availability, there‘s also flynn.

There is CapRover, which uses docker swarm for multi-host PaaS. An interesting abstraction & simplification, but at that point, if high availability is such an issue, one might as well bite the bullet and go for k8s.