What are your favourite Elixir talks?

I think most are now sitting at home. Now is a good chance to use this time and learn something.

What are your favourite talks about Elixir?

I’ll start:

ElixirConf 2018 - Docker and OTP Friends or Foes - Daniel Azuma

This talk shaped the deployment strategy that we have now at work. Learned a lot from it. If you are doing distributed Elixir and using Docker - it’s a must see.


The Soul of Erlang and Elixir • Saša Jurić

Saša does a brilliant job of showcasing some of elixir greatest qualities, really enjoyed it!


Yeah, this one is awesome! Watched it couple of times.

I really enjoy Osa Gaius talks about functional programming. He goes deep not so much on technical aspects but the social ones; communicating other currents of thinking into your immediate community: