What are your server OS preferences for deploying Elixir/Erlang?

I’ve been tinkering more in my spare time lately and the Erlang 23 update has given me a bit of a road block with wxWidgets on Ubuntu 20 LTS. There’s a PR asdf attempting to update the dependency docs but even following those as well as the suggestions provided in the Erlang/OTP 23.0 has been released thread, I’m still not having any luck.

Which got me wondering, what is your preferred deployment OS and why? CentOS? Debian? Ubuntu? FreeBSD? Redhat? Do you use it for development as well or something in the same family?

I am a big fan of Manjaro (Arch-based). You get very frequent package updates and all your dev tools / libraries are on the latest versions within literally two days, and the system is very lightweight and stable.

That’s assuming you are asking for a VPS setup though. Also, once a week I do a backup and do a system-wide upgrade.

Manjaro closely but still somewhat conservatively follows the latest stable Linux kernel. I am on 5.4.X currently.

That being said, installing OTP 23.0 through asdf has failed for me as well and I haven’t gotten around to see how to solve it yet. But thought I’ll advocate for Manjaro anyway because it was a very pleasant surprise several years ago when I discovered it.


At work we deploy with AWS Fargate, Docker and Alpine Linux.

For my own projects I have Ubuntu 18.04, then I just build a release in CI in a Docker container with matching OS and scp the release to the server.


If you’re running into this issue:

Then this PR https://github.com/asdf-vm/asdf-erlang/pull/145 should fix the issue with asdf installing erlang 23.0 (along with https://github.com/asdf-vm/asdf-erlang/pull/142)
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