What do people recommend as an MQTT broker?

Someone pointed me to this matrix of MQTT brokers, but I’m not really sure how important these features are.

VerneMQ is pretty nice in that you can write plug-ins for it in most modern languages… including elixir.

I followed a tut to make an elixir vernemq plugin:

Oh and vernemq runs on erlang.

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Well, I am sure that will depend on your use cases :slight_smile: I can also recommend VerneMQ - we’re using it in a couple of places, and it is serving us well. So far we’ve been using their webhooks for authentication, and we’ve implemented a plugin that writes all messages to Kafka.

I also have positive experiences posting questions to their Slack - it’s a small team but they’re very helpful.

Oh yeah, and I made a guide to writing Elixir plugins for VerneMQ: https://github.com/trarbr/vernemq_elixir_plugin


The community around verneMQ is very helpful and excited to build the product.

You can use either Exmqttc or Tortoise to connect with the MQTT server

Both projects are mature and you can use any.

Just a little data about my MQTT experience. While using Eclipse Paho Java and Paho Python to connect with MQTT server I always faced outages once every 15 days. With Exmqttc we haven’t had an outage in 5 months. I’m playing with Tortoise these days and trying to understand it well.