What do you use for a CMS?

There aren’t that many CMS’ in Elixir/Phoenix and most are outdated. Has anyone used any of them that can comment on the experience of using one as well as providing some pros and cons?

I was really excited about BeaconCMS but it’s too early to explore (plus no updates recently)

I basically want to build a blog with some customizations and deploy to Fly.io so I need more than a static site. (Not super excited about Wordpress, Ghost)

I’m not sure on any existing CRMs in Elixir specifically but its something that could be created relatively easy with a postgres db and a phoenix app. Use Ecto for the ORM and and just queury the db for articles with a dynamic json field and a template name and store any images and such as blob storage. Then hook up a controller to fetch the data using ecto and use that saved data to populate your template(s) that you created using EEx. Then its a basic blog at this point and you are free to customize essentially.


This weekend I just put together a basic cms in phoenix with absinthe for the api. Liveview and phoenix has made building stuff so easy so I sometimes just find it easier to build something for my needs than find a prebuild product. :smile: but I guess it kinda depends on how advanced cms you need. I just needed a cms for articles that I write in markdown.

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I’m currently building out my own using flat-files for storage, but with a nice admin UI. It’s a bit of a Ghost/Statamic mash-up.

Originally built it using Swift and Vapor but I’m porting it to Elixir so that I’ve got LiveView at my disposal.

I doubt it will ever be a package you can just add from hex, but I’ll be keeping the code base open source so people can reference it when building their own. Much like Phoenix auth, I think these kind of things are better as starting points than long-lived frameworks that only ever end up limiting your options.

I’ll share once it’s a little more ordered.

Drive by link drop: https://github.com/alfredbaudisch/pardall_markdown and https://github.com/alfredbaudisch/pardall_markdown_phoenix_demo I have not used this myself (yet!). I believe you can customise the “wrapper” around the markdown rendering, may be useful to you, may not be depending on your taste for markdown probably.

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