What Elixir related stuff are you doing?


Most of my elixir-time goes into this list here: https://github.com/h4cc/awesome-elixir
Next to that i once ported a small library for learning: https://github.com/h4cc/slugger
Also trying to get this meetup going well :slight_smile: http://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Elixir-Hamburg/



Nice one @h4cc - all fantastic :023:

If you get a moment can you help @mackenza with his PR for adding the Elixir Forum to Awesome Elixir please? That would be a great help to us :slight_smile:

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What sort of algorithm? If you are interested, please check my project:


It’s a collection of algorithms and data structures with the aim of being the most complete one for Elixir and maybe become part of the “standard library”. We’re already 3/4 people working on it.



For me it’s going to be:

  1. Check on some Pull Requests I received overnight to my Exads Project

  2. Work on my Master Thesis (it uses Elixir and Phoenix :smiley:). I’ll probably make a topic for it, if it comes to fruition.

  3. Work some more on the Exads project

  4. Check for news about Elixir during the day to post here

  5. Maybe work on another Elixir project I have



I tried Spacemacs yesterday, but I didn’t understand how it works? I’ve never used Emacs before and it seems really weird and not intuitive at all! Maybe you could make a post about it if you get around with it?

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I only got as far as installing it @sashaafm - I was trying to find tutorials then started working on the competition and been on that ever since :lol:

Just found these - any good?

Perhaps we can add anything we find useful to the Wiki? There definitely seems to be a shortage of good tuts on Spacemacs tho :confused:



This is nice introduction for this setup Spacemacs and Alchemist to make Elixir of immortality



I’m working on the competition - hope to get it live tomorrow! :003:



I’ve been working on Finance / Fintech related projects in Elixir, like this small library which parses the SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission)'s XML Feed and returns maps of company filings. It’s here if you want to take a look!



I’ve just been automating the bonus day system for the competition/forum… so now I just need to add a list of bonus days at the start of the month and they’ll automatically get announced on the forum :003: :lol:

I think I can now finally get back into reading PE1.2 :023:



Elixir related stuff I am doing? I have a character grinding healing potions in a browser game, does that count as elixir related?

Kidding aside:

Currently I do quite some stuff that is at least related to BEAM:

  • Learning Phoenix for the sake of learning it (I just started, again)
  • Disecting an erlang application
  • Helping @sashaafm out on exads
  • Diving into my own project monolith
  • Reading this forum as if there was nothing else
  • Trying to find some time to watch the daze videos
  • Waiting for a response of a possible employer using erlang as main-technology

I am sure, that I missed one or two things…



I’m trying to setup my spacemaps :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve been:

  • reading programming elixir again (well, 1.2 now) but actually doing all the exercises
  • glancing at metaprogramming elixir
  • reading and working through programming phoenix
  • browsing this site
  • creating a word game helper/solving to try and force thinking in processes
  • just today agreeing to give an elixir 101 talk to some co-workers in a few weeks

Is posting code and asking for thoughts/review something encouraged here? If so, what label would make the most sense? I find I still feel really clumsy when writing elixir code.

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I’ve been:



Do you want to join our team over there on exercism?



Depending on the level, you may want to post in Learning Elixir or Advanced Elixir. Learning Elixir has more traffic, but, given your projects, Advanced Elixir may be more appropriate.

Maybe we need an “Elixir Programming” category? There’s an awful lot of ground between Learning and Advanced :smile:

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I’m using Elixir to process some CSV files. It’s going much better since I figured out how the files are encoded. See this thread.

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Trying to get rid of Dialyzer warnings on bootstrapped Phoenix application.

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I’ve started writing my first serious Phoenix app which scratches one of our companies’ own itches. Still feeling kind of overwhelmed since I haven’t really learned a new language since I encountered Ruby some eight years ago. The performance is amazing though and the documentation and community are great for such a young ecosystem.



Hi! I have been learning elixir programming constructs thru online tutorials. Tried setting up a Phoenix API too.