What Elixir related stuff are you doing?



Just released version 0.2.5 of Drab - the Phoenix extension to access the browser directly from Elixir and eliminate JS/Ajax.

Since I wrote to the forum the last time (v 0.1.0) many exctiting changes has been made:

  • modularity: based on popular React fans request (@vic) now you can choose which Drab modules you want to use, so you are not fixed to jquery anymore
  • new Query functions, like cycling (update(:text, set: ["One", "Two", "Three"], on: "#thebutton")) - @Eiji
  • more callbacks, like onconnect or ondisconnect
  • own Store (similar to Plug Session, key/value store available in your functions)
  • access to Plug Session values (read-only, we don’t want to mess with Phoenix core)


Right now I am reading “Elixir in Action”


This is next to me after Elixir & OTP book! Currently reading it! For now love it, because the books is with real life examples and the benefits of OTP! :slight_smile:


I am at chapter 10 now. I don’t know why but both “The Little Elixir & Otp Guidebook” and “Elixir in Action” are getting scary as soon as they introduce the Supervisors. I find it strange because the Supervisors themselves are such a simple concept. Maybe it is because by the time they introduce them, the complexity of the app has gone higher and it does require more thinking to follow.


I am reading The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook.


Started learning Phoenix through this udemy course: The Complete Elixir and Phoenix Bootcamp (Udemy/self-published)

Enjoying it!


Dead link.


Besides tracking new hex packages and browsing this forum, I’m currently working on a good approach for dynamically creating Phoenix channels with dynamic subsets of presences server-side to establish incoming call routing for my startup AskVira.


I’ve read (Programming Elixir and Programming Phoenix), made a presentation and presented it (Introduction to Phoenix and Elixir), and now I’m working on building a project to help with distributed web applications, creating open source packages in Elixir as I go. The first one of these is Breaker.

Oh, and I’m looking for an Elixir-related job :slight_smile:


I’m learning Elixir while making an IRC bot


Just finished little project inspired by Nth Prime in Elixir exercise from Exercism. I’ve implemented Sieve of Eratosthenes prime numbers search algorithm with different Elixir/Erlang structres: ETS, Array, Map, MapSet and List. And made a simple speed/efficiency comparison: https://github.com/yuriibodarev/elixir_primes


Right now I’m reading “Binaries, strings, and char lists” of “Getting Started” guide and have began to read “Introducing Elixir” O’Reilly book.


Right now:


Currently I am working on learning Elixir through reading docs and starting a small project.


I’m writing tests for my toy url shortener app.
Trying to figure out how Elixir test works - like does it start the whole application while testing?


I am working on Pull Request #5841 which will add the possibility to convert and compare across varying calendar representations to Elixir. :slight_smile:


Still just dabbling for now. I’ve been looking at more general stuff on functional data structures, which is interesting, though not directly Elixir related.


Learning in parallel with Scala :slight_smile: to prepare for my next project.


A demo application for barrel-db


I’m exploring the separation of domain from web interface as encouraged by Phoenix 1.3. And seeing how it can be extended towards what ports and adapters architecture looks like in Elixir.

I’ve got a toy poker umbrella project that, so far, is just shuffling cards. I’m planning three interfaces:

  1. Command line
  2. Regular HTML page request/response
  3. Events over Phoenix channels