What Elixir related stuff are you doing?

Heeeey! An update, I continue doing my open-source and side projects livestreams on twitch. It’s being pretty fun to chat with people and the thing I liked the most was to introduce path autocompletion to IEx. That was my 8th - and 9th, cause I had to add support for windows afterwards :grimacing: - PR to elixir core and I’m pretty happy to get back to contributing to open-source after a sabathical/lazyness period :joy:


I have been in the process of learning the following:

  • building Phoenix backends for SwiftUI frontends

  • Phoenix LiveView

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I’ve been on vacation from the everyday Elixir programming work. But I’ve spent fridays during the vacation building a product that I had an idea for. I’m about 40 hours or so into it and ready to start dogfooding it I think.

I’ve been livestreaming parts of the process. So if anyone is curious about building a SaaS product in the PETAL stack, this playlist might be helpful: Building a product with PETAL - YouTube

I really enjoy working with this stack.


that looks neat!!

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I’m currently studying a lot reading books, documentations, and all stuff related to Elixir and Phoenix, together with this trying to improve my English.
My goal is to make a restaurant application.

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Implementing Arrays :smiley:



Rewriting an Access DB implementation of a welding quality management system into a LiveView web app to bring this client into the 21st century. :rocket:

Currently on my plate:

  1. Designing the RBAC system over phx.gen.auth + Azure OAuth, to manage user’s authorization/permissions at the object level
  2. Database seeding from uploaded CSV (generated from existing Access data) via admin UI


Nerves on rpi0 to monitor and control various devices around the house

  1. Humidity + temperature tracking of fridge compartments
  2. Electricity consumption by tracking flashing LED on elec. meter using light dependent resistor
  3. Recording IR camera when neighbourhood cat comes to mess with our garden at night, using IR motion sensor to record and upload video of offending kitty, and driving an ultrasonic speaker to try scare it away :lol:

I’m very happy to see your project, because I’m also interested on nerves project I have gathered rpi and relevant sensors but I couldn’t get off from my job
It would be great if you do share link to GitHub repo or if you write a blog post,
If it’s possible for you otherwise no problem

I’m also at the very early stages of learning. Am using the nerves_livebook project to learn the basics and also reading through the documents for the various nerves libraries like the buildroot system, etc. I like to learn things from the ground up so it may be a time before I have things to share, but will definitely keep your request in mind and message you when there’s anything public. :+1:

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I just checked your awesome blog post about “it is not about Elixir but it is about values”. Underjord | It is not about Elixir

I resonate with this! Thank you for writing this.


I’ve been recently spending every bit of my free time by improving my language knowledge by completing the exercises over at exercism.io – already finished over 55 of them!

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Oh, thank you! That’s very nice to hear.

Nice intro thread!

My elixir related stuff I am doing…
Just finished an up to date binding for Slack to work on a slackbot to help manage release activities.
Caught up on all the past elixirconf videos… ready for the next set!
Going through all of the telemetry eco system while instrumenting an existing application

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I’ve been generally learning how to build Phoenix apps and making a small utility to help measure Paddle.com revenue. It’s been pretty sweet, learning about the ecosystem!

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Materialize wrapper for SurfaceUI. Started working with it last week. Will share once a good number of components is adapted.


I’m finishing up an app and going through exercism, and just generally preparing before putting in for some elixir jobs.

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Working through Functional Web Development with Elixir, OTP, and Phoenix while trying to use it as a template for a long-term server project I’m working on (migrated from NodeJS to Django to Elixir so far :wink:

I am preparing a little template for my Elixir side projects. I am also figuring out how I’ll deploy it. I think I’ll compile it locally and run with systemd services. To that end, I made myself a little Dockerfile to compile releases.

I was thinking about open sourcing this one.
The main reason is that I created it as an experiment and while I currently host it under spotifywall.com where it can be used for free, I don’t plan to monitize nor market it in the future.

Would you be interested in seeing this opensourced so that you can either host it yourself, modify it or simply read the code (don’t except to much :slight_smile: )?

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Writing a Discord bot with GitHub - Kraigie/nostrum: Elixir Discord Library. Have to say it’s been a very pleasant experience. Shout out to the maintainers if anyone sees this :slight_smile: