What Elixir related stuff are you doing?



Sorry no progress… Still trying to manage my sparse freetime… The pi3 has arrived though, but that’s the only thing on the list that actually happened…


I’ve started an integration testing project

Also, I have a slack bot that watches my github PRs that I sometimes tinker with.


Nice, like the podcast site. What are you using for the frontend? Is it server side or a JS framework - very snappy!


Its just React + GraphQL


Im studying OTP and willing to make an Elixir Bot boilerplate/framework. :slight_smile:


Ooo, a bot for what services?


I’m checking on integrate it with Microsoft Bot Framework, Wit.ai or Api.ai (one of them).

So, we can use it on any service we want to (Skype, Telegram, Facebook Messenger and so on).



This is cool, I have been doing some stuff with Microsoft’s Luis api recently in elixir. Extending what I already have with a Skype bot is on my to-do list, keep us updated if you can :smile:


I’ve been enjoying Elixir very much so far, I’m building a bot for fun to learn more about the language itself.


I’m building a framework to integrate a Slack clone messaging app and a WebRTC Enterprise Soft Phone. I’m structuring it to allow for the addition of additional apps and services.


Im doing the exercism problems


I’m reading tons of Elixir and Phoenix books and Tutorials, watching screencasts and I am working on four projects at the same time (a learning platform, a community driven functional programming concepts collection, and a blog together with a colleague as well as my own homepage, which I am porting from Node.js/Express to Elixir/Phoenix/Elm while adding a few features like a markdown blog).

I also maintain a Phoenix 1.3, Webpack 2, React and HMR starter kit on GitHub, because I’m not the biggest fan of Brunch and like using React with Phoenix channels.


I have read Elixir in Action, Metaprogramming in Elixir, halfway through Programing Elixir and Programming Phoenix. I am currently working through the Nand To Tetris exercise of creating a virtual machine using Elixir as the implementation language.

It seems like I learn best with projects since I have solidified the information found in the books a lot faster with the vm project than by rereading and doing the book exercises.


I spent part of the day today answering Elixir related questions on ElixirForum, Stack Overflow, and Quora. I also spend some time integrating my Phoenix Survey app to ConvertKit for friend of mine.

Tonight, I’ll probably try to finish the Coherence installer changes to correctly detect an existing User model in a phx project.

Tomorrow I’m back to working on the integration of my Phoenix WebRTC project with my Phoenix team chat project.

I also need to spend time merging PRs on ExAdmin


Announcing my new Mnesia-backed Job processing library to the world :stuck_out_tongue::



Just getting back into the Exercism.io exercises. I seem to have somehow managed to skip the “zipper” one that had me confused for a bit; should remember to get back to it. Meanwhile, trying to help people with Elixir questions in my local tech community Slack channel…


In my case, I have been:

  1. Learning Elixir
  2. Migrating a small application from rails to Phoenix
  3. Just scheduled the first Elixir Meetup in Honduras for June 10… Let see how this works out. If there is any Elixir/Phoenix experts fluent in Spanish and might want to help please do and send me a message.

Best regards,

Joaquin Alcerro


Actually I have been doing:

  • Learning Elixir/Phoenix
  • Creating a website with Phoenix/Rust and Python (for ML)
  • Trying to create a Elixir library for searching raking (like Elastic Search)
  • Trying to switch my mind to functional programming after 3 years of C#

Grettings :slight_smile:


Phoenix, Rust and Python? Sounds interesting. What are you using Rust for?


Actually I’m still researching Rust with Elixir, I’ll use it for intensive and fast task, for example in the search ranking some algorithms I think its better be implemented with Rust (Btrees, Levenstein automata etc…) when you manage a lot of data on a really short amount of time, also I’m looking for json encoders/decoders on Rust for elixir to see if I can implement it with GraphQL for phoenix (I’m crazy for fast I know…). Also I can learn a lot more from Elixir and Rust.

Actually elixir it’s very fast but I don’t see nothing wrong to do it more fast :slight_smile:

PD: I’m sure I will use it more in the future, my personal project it’s a really big project, I’ll see what achieve :slight_smile: