What Elixir related stuff are you doing?

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Here is the latest update for PennyWise Budget Tracker

  • Users can now enter any amount of money they could input. (100mil for example haha congrats!)

  • By default it’s currency is setup to Philippine Peso.

The next stages:

  • The next problem that I need to figure out is to how users can use the currency they have setup in their accounts settings.

But for now let’s keep it small. I believe we can figure this one out soon.

try it out https://budget-tracker-dev.fly.dev/

#updates #softwareengineering #tothenextstage #pennywisebudgettracker

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This week have been testing all Elixir and Phoenix apps against Erlang OTP 27 (rc3). Also, I have been spending some time migrating a Phoenix 1.6 app from Phoenix 1.6 and Bootstrap to Phoenix 1.7 and Tailwind.


Not yet on Phoenix.

I’ve built this with Ellie web server + vue3, but I’m considering moving to a thousand_islands + “some-basic-web”.

If bandit could be decoupled from plug and Phoenix, and we could substitute our own very simple alternative, that would have been perfect.


Currently learning basic Elixir by crawling some pages using Req and then saving to the database with Ecto.


I’ve been learning OTP stuff mainly GenServers, Tasks and Agents all day long today. I’m reading Programming Elixir > 1.6 by Dave Thomas.


Hey, welcome.

I’m reading that too. I’m actually just finishing Macros, been one of the longer chapters to finish given how much outside learning there is, ASTs, scopes, def and defmacro etc.

Been looking on the forum for someone else working through the book. The next book after I finish this one will be Elixir in Action.

How are you finding the book so far?


I’m starting macros tomorrow, hope it goes well :smiley:

It’s been quite good so far. The examples in the book are aligning well with the concepts. Last thing I was practicing with the book was Duper(duplicate file finder) which was fun to see how GenServers interact.
It kind of went over Tasks and Agents quicker than GenServers which is probably normal.
I read through hot reloading parts but didn’t try it myself after I found out that “mix release” command is not actually using distillery package so I thought I can read more about it later if I need it.

I have tried to do the exercises except some that I felt I was being lazy to do and it was holding me back from continuing the book.


That’s great!

I’ve pretty much been working through the book so it’s taken awhile.

Some a few areas, maybe 2 or 3, it may not be possible to do the exercises as described.

I’ll forward you the thread where I asked questions about the HC reloading.

If you’d like some guides for macros and AST, pm me and I’ll forward them to you.

I’m likely going to make a thread with some directions to useful guides for the later more advanced chapters of the book, esp macros.


Sure thank you
That’s a good idea!

working on designing db schema & converting it into ecto schema


I have been spending a little bit of time configuring Doom Emacs for Elixir development.


Made a trailer for Paraxial.io:

The repo shown is Potion Shop - GitHub - securityelixir/potion_shop: A vulnerable Elixir and Phoenix application for learning web security If your curious how everyone does that zoom-screen effect the software is called Screen Studio, it’s pretty good - https://www.screen.studio/

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For work I’m converting an existing sales application to multi-tenancy. On the side I’ve been working on a little project where you can send letters to people. It’s called PostalBox and it does exactly what it says: you type a letter in, provide an address and pay for a stamp, a few days to weeks later (depending on the post) your letter will be delivered to said address.


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