What Elixir related stuff are you doing?



Pit is amazing! I was looking for something like this and gave up, thinking that I had to create it myself. Definitely going to use it! :smiley:


I’ve set up Atom and Spacemacs (trusty fallback, as always, if Atom doesn’t work out)

I’m writing some simple data structures (ex. linked list) to get an initial feel for Elixir syntax, testing, dyalizer etc.

Will do Elixir dips soon and build some simple API server with Phoenix, just for more experience.

Intend to eventually use Elm and Elixir together on something.


I am working my way through “The Little Elixir & OTP Guidebook”. Chapter 6 ATM.

Thoughts about Single Page Applications

I’m working on a bpms, for the time being as a learning project. Some model-driven ideas (name it the “zero”-code movement) caught me a couple of years ago. In principle you (and / or your customer!) should become able to model as much of your application as returns at least investment. The models should be directly executable and persisted in f.e. json. So no code-generation (+ software deliveries) but load the model and interpret run-time. This gives you more flexibility than codegeneration. The modelers should be fit for different problems. So you have a form builder (wysiwyg) that maintains f.e. a json. You have a bpmn editor (boxes and arrows). If you stick to the standards this one persists in an xml, bpmn2.0 compliant. One or more editors for your rules (form validationrules - used serverside also - and decisionrules: the arrows between the boxes, xor boxes etc). And doubtles more to parametrize your app. The bpms needs all. You need the form builder + rules editor for usertasks. Etc. For the db we have the erd (boxes & relations).
Elixir / phoenix is ideal for this. Channels come in handy, the actor model etc.
I’m enjoying this playground!


Ooo, a couple questions:

  1. How do you deal with the mismatch of an ‘anything’ mailbox of an erlang actor to something typed?
  2. Have you thought about making an OCaml backend to BEAM instead? Now that would be beyond awesome!


Finally got Presence working!


Building a new iOS/Android social network backend using Phoenix.
It’s absolutely great I must say, but you know this))


Currently working my way through Elixir in Action and Programming Phoenix


me too


Just released v1.2.0 of Ecto.Rut! :smiley:


Still playing around with Phoenix Presence :slight_smile:


Half way through Programming Elixir. Also doing some exercism exercises.
Can’t wait to start learning Phoenix


Still working at work making internal systems, using webcomponents on the front-end a lot more, brunch is getting irritating (but that is javascript in general too). Playing with a lot of side projects too, including trying to type a subset of Elixir. ^.^


As an exercise, I’m writing a small Phoenix web app to sync my daily Jira tasks (which I use at work) with my Todoist (which is my go to todo list app). Zapier was too slow and not flexible enough. Perhaps in the future, I’ll extend the app to provide better reporting (Todoist is kind of lacking in this).


I’m re-implementing things I’ve built before, that way I can compare solutions and problems.

Building a multi-room chat with private messaging, building a webshop, building a cms, at least the cms will be open source once ready.

Reading tons of tutorials, blog posts, and watching presentations.


I’m writing my master’s thesis on using Elixir in web development. Related to that, last week I ran load tests of my service https://codestats.net/ on a Raspberry Pi 2, comparing it to a PHP reimplementation (yes, it was faster!).

When I have free time, I work on improving Code::Stats.


Learning Phoenix, using the tutorial series at https://medium.com/@diamondgfx/introduction-fe138ac6079d


I’m building an umbrella app for an e-commerce project. One app handles the business logic and storage while two other GraphQL apps handle the B2C and B2B endpoints.


I am building stock system for fabric factory that has few cooperate companies. This stock system is building process using phoenix framework.

And I am doing research on wrangler refactoring tool for erlang. I will try to develop one for elixir and will submit for my master thesis.



Investigating mixing Elixir with Thrift.