What equipment are you using, and what is your dream equipment?

Yeah I have to say that I’m quite done with tweaking my laptop. The main reason I went to Apple was because I was so fed up with Windows and all the bs you have to deal with for just installing an app or a new piece of hardware. I love *nix but not the desktop stuff. Besides, al my production servers run *nix so developing on one, and not stuff like Crostini, seems the logical choice.

That is why I’m looking at Chromebooks and iPad Pro’s for my next programming adventure.


Rolling with my Thinkpad X230 running Arch, got it when it came out and it’s been solid aside from battery replacement and RAM / storage upgrades. Peripherals include 27in 1440p display, Logitech MX Master, and Cooler Master Quickfire keyboard on a sit/stand crank desk.

Tempted to try an X1 Carbon or X280 for a better panel, but this thing just works, and it’s nice that coreboot is supported. An Ergodox-ez or UHK may be in my future though, and for mouse maybe an MX Vertical.

Fullscreen mode Tmux or emacs works great. For Firefox, Tree-Style Tabs puts your tabs on the side of your browser and saves you precious vertical screen real-estate on a wide-aspect-ratio laptop screen. Also it collapses for when you want to split the screen with two windows.

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Current: i5 Dell laptop running Ubuntu 18.04. For folks thinking about it, it has successfully replaced my previous dev machine (2015 i5 MBP) and I was only doing it to see if it could be done and it has worked very well. If you have any questions about the process ping me on Slack. I use the Dell mainly for programming, emails and such. Minimal usage. When dealing with media we use the MBP but I’ve made the Dell work as well (MBP is superior).

We have a few machines at home: We have the MBP, a Windows 7 laptop, a small laptop I put Raspian on (yes, the Rpi stuff, works well) and a few Rpis laying around.

Dream: same as current, but want to buy a server and play around with it.

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I just upgraded my setup. My wife does a lot of video editing and I wanted to look for an ultra portable setup.

Since I posted this thread, I bought myself an iPad Pro and committed myself to a remote workstation. I bought a droplet on Digital Ocean and set up my work space in there. So all I need to do now is ssh/mosh into the droplet and it is exactly as I left it.

I love using the iPad once I got used to the setup because I already did most of my planning on an iPad so using things like GoodNotes to plan out my app and then be able to switch back and forth between my terminal and my notes has been quite enjoyable.

Today, however, my “wife’s” computer came in. It’s a 2018 MBP with 6 cores 32GB ram and the Vega 20 graphics card. Originally I was looking at the whole Kubuntu setup on a somewhat portable linux machine, but like everyone else I succumb to the ecosystem. I am looking forward to seeing how quick the 6 cores are with Elixir. Especially with a bot that I am in the works of building.

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