What errors do you filter out from Sentry?

I am using Sentry 8 from Hex sentry — sentry v8.0.6 and I see it reports lots of errors that are perfectly normal for Phoenix apps, e.g.

%Ecto.NoResultsError{} happens when someone mistypes an id in the URL. It is converted properly to 404.

%Plug.CSRFProtection.InvalidCSRFTokenError{} happens always when session ends and user tries to back-navigate. It is properly handled in a default setup.

%Plug.Conn.InvalidQueryError{} when someone mistypes a URL.

%Phoenix.NotAcceptableError{} happens when someone tries to use wrong content-type.

All of those are handled in the default configuration and properly converted to a correct HTTP error.
Should I simply add all Plug events to Sentry event filter? At least those that have designated HTTP error code?

The type of error you list there are things we generally check for in our controllers and/or service layer. In any case these are not the types we tend to let leak to the outer layer, so we do something with them. We do indeed have the occasional invalid JSON posts when a crawler passes by, but no filters at all.

Our strategy towards Sentry is to handle/catch every error in our app, Sentry should be silent.

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