What font do I need (Windows) for Phoenix microsecond output

I just installed Elixir on Windows and ran a brand new phoenix app. I’m getting the below output for microsecond transactions. Am I missing a specific font?

[info] Sent 200 in 0┬╡s


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You need to configure your terminal to use utf8 encoding, this will break output of many other programs though.

As far as I remember you can do so using the chcp tool.

I googled a bit and it seems as if chcp 65001 is the command you are searching for. It has been reported though that the terminal or even the full system might crash when non utf8 sequences are written.


Thanks @NobbZ. Not sure I’ll change it now though. I’m using CMDR so maybe they have a setting I can change.

@Nobbz, the setting in CMDR is the same, so I changed it, and it works just great! Thanks for the help!