What happened to Riak? Is there a Riak successor?

On the surface, it appears, due to business issues regarding Basho, that Riak engineering efforts has significantly decreased. I am trying to understand what the current state of the space is:

  1. There is a successor to Riak, but I am unaware of it.

  2. Riak achieved near perfection, there is nothing else significant to add to it.

  3. There is still potential work to add to Riak, but there isn’t the engineering funding backing it ?

  4. The tech behind Riak is now outdated and industry has moved to new techniques.

  5. ???

This is especially interesting since riak_core seems to contain many components for building distributed systems beyond OTP.

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AFAIK it is now maintaned by the community after bet365 bought Basho’s intellectual property.