What happened to the config folder?

I thought mix used to generate config files for us when creating a new app, but I’m not seeing anything now. Did I miss some shift in the industry where we don’t use config files now?

It’s gone for a while…


What’s the alternative? Is it creating the config/config.exs files manually? Will that just automagically work? I don’t see any resources saying how to connect that to the app at startup.

config should not be used in all cases. As descried by José in the link above typically mix new is used for creating libraries.

Different behaviour is with umbrella apps (which are not libraries) and new apps from generators like phx.new.

You are free to create config directory manually when you need it. Yes, as long as it’s valid it’s working automatically after creating at least config/config.exs. The minimum contents are import Config.

See documentation for more information:
Config — Elixir v1.14.0.

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