What have you used Livebook for?

Let’s christen our new Livebook Forum with this thread :003:

What have you used Livebook for or what are you hoping to use it for? :blush:


I was asked to document a JSON API. Also I’m using it regularly when standard scripts are not enough or are too big for a single file.


I do exploratory programming with it. Meddle with data, find outliers or dirty values, quickly get a chart up to get acquainted with data. And then there is its role as iex replacement.


I have used Livebook within the DockYard Academy, where they were used to teach basic and complex Elixir topics.

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Latest i have been using it for log analysing from scratch, digging in AWS S3 objects with ex_aws, investigating API’s, but also early prototyping and experimenting. It’s so easy to begin juggling.

I find it useful with a hosted instance, it can then be shared. It’s easy to host at https://fly.io

Also i am enjoying community Livebook examples collected on https://notes.club


Recently at work I have been doing some machine learning stuff. The models are trained in Python, but they are then saved as Numpy archives, and in production they run in Elixir with Nx, which makes it super easy to wrap them in a Plug app exposing an API.

Livebook has been an invaluable tool for experimenting, prototyping, shaping up things, and even producing runnable documentation and educational material to share knowledge about the models.