What is the best numerical library for Elixir?

What is the best numerical library for elixir?

I want something similar to pythons numpy and scipy


There’s not much to choose from. GitHub - elixir-nx/nx: Multi-dimensional arrays (tensors) and numerical definitions for Elixir (together with its ecosystem) is afaik the only library we have in that realm given the complexity due to the constraints of the beam for that type of computation.


Here’s a post with a very brief overview of how one might go about using Julia with Erlang.

Julia is arguably one of the strongest ecosystems for mathematics.

Elixir-Nx is the way to go. It has multiple backends you can use. By default, it operates on the BEAM using the Binary backend, but it has support for Google’s XLA and Pytorch’s Torch library as backends as well.

I’ve written a bit about it before, but if you’re coming from NumPy you might be especially interested in Python NumPy to Elixir-Nx.

With regards to scipy, one notable absence right now in Nx is sparse tensors.