What is the best server hardware for the Erlang Virtual Machine?

We all know multicore is up there - but what about AMD vs Intel? Do NVMe SSDs matter - with their ability to process over 65K queues, and ECC ram, etc?

What do you think? What would be important to you when speccing out a server to run a BEAM app? :101:

Maybe Robert and Joe will spot this thread and chime in too :sweat:


Are you running a processor intensive app or memory intensive app ?
Using mnesia ?

Go crazy on the network card, router and network infrastructure. IMHO for a distributed application, network latency and network resilience is by far more important than CPU and something easily forgotten.

If it isn’t a distributed app focus on memory and HDD (SSD). In my experience both cause far more problems than CPU latency.


I would naively assume that CPUs with more L-level caches will help a lot if you are spawning a ton of processes.