What is the proper way to reference CSS libraries that have JS files in Phoenix?

What is the proper way to add Bootstrap to phoenix ?

I do not want SCSS. I just want to reference the full library. Doing so via a script tag on a parent template is perfectly fine.


I have the CSS working. My Bootstrap NAV menu hamburger drop down isn’t working. I assume this is because Bootstrap is not recognizing the bootstrap.js javascript file.

I have tried different thing such as placing script tags on the templates/root.html.heex file. The CSS works but the JS does not seem to be active.

I have also tried placing bootstrap,css and bootstrap.js in the assets folder .

I then reference them in assets/js/app via:

import “…/css/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css”
import “…/js/bootstrap.min.css”

I get an error asking for JQuery and Popper.

When I reference JQuery and popper in assets/js/app. the problem persist.