What is your preferred device for reading programming books?



True. Me and my wife never get any devices on the beach. It’s just much safer. And we get really small amount of cash, enough for a taxi and a few snacks, that’s all. That way, even if the worst happens, we would have lost maximum 40 EUR, a few towels and the keys to the hotel room (which have copies).

Plus it’s almost impossible to read on a smartphone / tablet screen even under an umbrella on the beach. There is simply no point. One paper book for the beach is ideal.

Eh, if you use an Android, you are in eternal danger of your device seemingly losing loads of battery out of nowhere anyway. Ever since me and my wife are fully invested in Apple devices – iPhone X and iPad Pros, and MacBooks – we no longer have to worry about a device running out of power in important moments. Android is vastly overrated anyway, and Google seems to have a crush for Apple and tries to imitate them at every turn so really, why not just go to the source?

Yep. Especially iPad Pros have AMAZING displays, much better than most laptops out there as well. I can spend 8 hours reading on it and won’t feel any eye fatigue.


I read more programming books on my phone than any other device. You can internalize concepts, and then apply them later, when you are at a computer. I think it’s important to recognize this demographic, because the formatting of code blocks in epub and mobi files is often disastrous.


Hmm? My family and I went out to the lake on Sunday (yesterday), they went out jetskiing and I stayed on shore (I don’t like being on water). I listened to music on my phone (Pixel 2 XL with Android P), listened to music for about 3 hours, read for most of the rest of the time we were there (total of 10 hours with no power source) and my phone was down to 81%, and it was not fully charged when we got there (close enough though, 98% I think, continued to not charge it until this morning when I woke up to it at ~35% but my phone stays active all night as it records my physical information while I sleep, not a very battery friendly act as it is using both the wifi and bluetooth). I’m not sure where this paragraph of yours comes from?

As a comparison, my mother-in-law’s iPhone X died while we were there and she spent almost all her time out in the water with her phone tucked safely on shore and it was fully charged when arrived.

Also, a ‘crush’? I’m not familiar with this terminology in this context? What be?

EDIT: As well as my phone was charged this morning for about 30 minutes bringing it back up to 83% and it’s been on with messaging via hangout, reddit, IRC, Discord, and a few other things being pretty constantly active (server at work is freezing a lot today, hate windows), screen has not shut down yet (timeout it set to 10 minutes, it’s not hit it yet today) and the phone is at 72% at 3:17pm / 15:17 today when it was charged at 9am to that 83%.


That is just my observation after using 14 Android devices over 5 or so years. Only had good battery life with a Sony and Xiaomi device so far. Heard Pixel 2 is economical several times.

Every smartphone, Android and iPhone alike, can die quickly if you leave all radios on and leave background app activity to run rampant.

In iOS I can disable background activity altogether. My X can stay idle for 8 days. 50 hours idle + 7 hours of usage – still 40% three days later. I love it.

(I usually only enable Bluetooth when I actually need it.)

I realize it’s a mixed bag but my experience, and that of a big group of people, has been that iOS is more reliable in terms of battery life. I know there are many Android users who say the same about Android.

Remember the Google ad that was mocking Apple for removing the headphone jack? What happened next year? Next Pixels have no 3.5 jack either. And this year the Pixel 3 XL sports a notch. And Android is moving to gesture navigation. I dunno, I see a trend. Not willing to argue though, it might be a collective coincidental evolution with exactly the same outcomes. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Yeah it all depends on each persons usage. I use my phones heavily so I have it set to aggressive battery saving in the system settings and so forth. If I enable airplane mode and enable full battery saver my phone could easily stay idle for days as well, it tends to drop less than 5% a day in that mode but I’ve never gone longer than about 2 days when I was camping.

I havn’t seen a commercial in at least a decade, I stream tv shows if I watch any… ^.^;

I do hate the missing headphone jack though, and I actually ‘prefer’ thicker phones than my pixel 2 xl is (and I want an even larger screen! blah).

Gesture navigation I already had via addons pre androidP though, my phone is… not really a stock android experience by far. My browser ‘tabs’ are floating bubbles, as are messages, quick swipes around the screen for different application access, etc… etc… Having over 900 apps installed now means I had to come up with efficient ways to access it all. ^.^;