What is your preferred terminal emulator for Windows when using Elixir?

What terminal emulator you use ?

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I use ConEmu it is pretty good and extensible, for a Windows terminal. I use with Powershell Core.

There is also Cmder which is based on ConEmu but it is more optionated on its configuration.

But in the end I use iex --werl to do Elixir stuff


When I have to use windows I use conemu as well, with a bash shell as the primary backends (though I have tabs up with the command prompt and powershell as well). Conemu is the only one I tried of quite a few that was actually decently ‘correct’ and functional once properly configured. :slight_smile:

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iex.bat --werl

When I’m not using Elixir itself, I either use the bottom console in IntelliJ, or the stock non-emulator Windows console (yes, I know, I’m a pleb, but I’ve heard of too many weird bugs in ConEmu that I’d rather deal with the missing tabs support).


There is a newish Windows Terminal called Terminus that looks pretty decent. I tried it for a while, but ended up going back to CMDR.