What is your stack for mobile + Phoenix?

Just looking to get a list of technologies used, e.g. React Native, Flutter, Native, gRPC, GraphQL, REST and how you get them to communicate with Phoenix

I’ve used flutter for a realtime messaging app. Really easy to integrate with Phoenix using a JSON API and token based authentication. Sending push notifications was really simple just using plain HTTP requests to Firebase on the Phoenix side.

There is also a great and easy to use Dart library called phoenix_wings that I used to communicate with Phoenix channels.

I can’t say enough good about flutter. I’ve dabbled in some other mobile development but couldn’t really latch on to anything. After just a few days of tinkering in flutter I was hooked.

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Any particular reason you opted to use HTTP requests rather than Channels for the messaging app?

I used HTTP requests for basic things like authentication and listing basic resources. Used channels to notify of events or for the more realtime features of the app.

Gotcha, thanks for clarifying!