What key to put into mix.exs for Application.spec(:app, :id)

What do I have to put into mix.exs to see/use the key :id if calling:

 Application.spec(:app, :id)

Tried to enter just id: "some text"but no luck.

dbg( Application.spec(:app, :id)) output looks like it’s expecting a list:

Application.spec(:app, :id) #=> []

Link to spec/1:

Is there a better documentation anywhere else?

Here is the specification: Erlang -- app

Can you please send a PR that adds the link above to the function documentation?

After further testing I think there is perhaps something wrong with Application.spec
I restarted the server with every change to mix.exs

Was about to create a PR for the documentation but you were faster than me :smiley:

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Was more or less me not reading the documentation and lacking knowledge. Thanks to @josevalim
The :id key belongs to application and has to be a character list (not a string):

  def application do
      id: 'FC94 1973 58',

Only :description and :version are copied over from project to application:

def project do
      app: :app,
      version: "version",
      description: "description",
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