What kind of applications are you building with Elixir?

Very interested in hearing what cool stuff people are building with Elixir or want to build.


For me personally I will be using Elixir and Phoenix to build social networking apps (one big, one small).

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I am working on a Chess engine written in Elixir. My dream is that I can use the BEAM concurrency features to scale out the move calculations to many machines - or at least all of my CPU cores - and then play against it with a graphical chess client.

I just finished writing the minimax/alphabeta Search module and it goes nomnomnom on my memory and CPU, then never terminates (I gave it <1 hour). I used hschess as a reference - although it is incomplete - and I think the reason the Haskell search functions terminate is because of the lazy evaluation. Actually, its alphaBetaSearch gives a “stack overflow” at depth 3. Maybe using Stream will help here, or something else entirely…

The Perft results match up through depth 3, but have 240 extra moves at depth 4. hschess veers off at depth 5, dunno why, because there are no promotions or castling at that depth. I actually found some bugs while running perft, so I will likely find some more trying to resolve the discrepancy at depth 4. :slight_smile:


Wow @uranther really like your project :slight_smile: I’ll keep an eye on it. Hope you’re successful in building it.