What kind of learning resources would you like to see made?

I was involved in a conversation the other day about Nix the package manager. A couple people showed some interest in finding more information about it (sorry, this is not the thread for that). It got me wondering, what kind of learning resources would people like to see? What topics? What medium (blog, live coding sessions, books, videos, etc)?

I would like to hear from people in all experience levels. From the people who are just getting into programming now, to the people that have been doing this their whole lives. Maybe you struggled to understand a concept a few years ago and would like to see better teaching materials for that topic. I would, however, like to keep things BEAM related, or at least things that can be done on the BEAM. So questions about algorithims would be on topic, but something like “websockets in django or rails” would not.

I look forward to hearing from everyone, and maybe content creators can get some ideas here.

I believe there was a thread about this at least once before, but I can’t seem to find it now and I think it was from a year or two ago. If anyone can dig it up, feel free to link that one as well.

  • OTP. Anything and everything. As many real-world examples as possible.

  • Metaprogramming. Drown us in it. You can never really understand that enough.

  • Not widely known Erlang modules with a lot of value so we don’t reinvent stuff needlessly in the Elixir world.


I would like to see examples and tutorials about Lasp/Partisan in Elixir apps. And more things about distributed apps in general. For me, it is still difficult to figure out how to go from concurrent to distributed, especially with stateful applications and modern cloud environments.


A blog post or resource that has as many real world Ecto query / changeset examples as you can humanly put together, and then after you’ve released it, continuously update it and add more as you think of them.

Everything from the basics to setting up examples that deal with multi-table joins and preloads, etc… Basically things you would likely need to do in a real app. And of course all of them would be written to be production ready and even tested.

The writing style could also be use case driven, then go over the example project to exercise it, and then go over the changesets and queries to make it work.

The whole thing could be done as a single github repo I think. Wouldn’t even need your own blog, etc. but the README would be ideally written like a blog post for each one. The github repo idea is cool because ultimately this could be a community driven resource where many people contribute.

My hope would be that as people really implement them into their own projects, they could slightly change the schema names to not be specific to their business but still be something similar enough that it makes sense, then open a PR to this repo. Then it’s like the list of content grows naturally.

In the end we would all have a super high quality resource of best practices and examples.


BEAM / Core Erlang targeted at folks who want to create other languages that run on the OTP.

  • Testing (TDD, BDD) real examples and use cases
  • Application Architecture (hexagonal, onion, lasagna, orthogonal, etc)
  • Application control flow (pipes VS with VS GenStage VS Flow VS Broadway)
  • Elixir in Anger :smiley:

A Nerves book.


But with a cool side project, perhaps when buying the book it could include the pieces needed to do something :stuck_out_tongue: