What Elixir/Erlang resources do you need?



Howdy Alchemists! So we produce a fair few articles. Our latest #TalkConcurrency campaign has been great with Sir Tony Hoare, Joe Armstrong, and Carl Hewitt. We’ve loved the reaction from the community.

We have a few ideas of what to do next then - funnily enough - we thought we’d ask you straight up!

What resources, videos, blogs, ANYTHING do you need? What’s lagging out there? We’ll do our best to make it happen. Yes, we’re called Erlang Solutions, but we’re open to many programming languages and ideas. It would be great to hear from you!

The Erlang Solutions Team :slightly_smiling_face:


It would be cool to have a tutorial series about deigning an OpenGL app with the wxWidegets interface, or better yet with NIFs made in Rust/C++.


I’d love to see an Elixir book from @rvirding :003: Or maybe even an Elixir for Erlangers book from him :003: I know this is wishful thinking tho as I’ve asked him on numerous occasions already - just thought maybe the ES team might have more luck :lol:

On a more serious note, how about an article on unique/unusual/cool(!) ways people are using Elixir and Erlang?

I love to read about Erlang and Elixir doing things that would be impossible or difficult in other languages :smiley:


From the top off my head:

  • I’ve seen some talks about Erlang/Elixir used server side in online multiplayer games, a series about this would be interesting imo
  • Kind of relating to what @AstonJ said above and my online multiplayer point from above, anything that’s harder to do in other languages is interesting. Or for me, coming from Ruby, that suddenly having the possibility to back a big online game with lots of users or embeeded systems seems to extend my arsenal quite a bit.
  • Elixir/Erlang at (massive) scale - some of the stories are shared to some extent but looking at the WhatsApps, discords, Ericsson and ??? and their experience seems interesting and maybe good advertisements for the system as such as engineers tend to love this :man_shrugging:
  • as recent threads here show, how to deal with deployments is still kind of a hot debated topic
  • speaking of hot debated, we recently had a hot debate about umbrellas (there are many more threads diverging from there)


I second this. As a complete newbie to programming, whilst I am lucky that I have a friend who introduced me to Elixir and Erlang, my (obviously subjective) impression is that I encounter introductions (for Elixir) as ‘being-better-than-javascript/oop’, but which can fall short of adding definition.

Use-cases featured alongside educational resources (or just in general) that highlight the strengths or, if you like, selling points could prove beneficial.

Of course there are arguments against such an idea, such as confusing complete beginners like me or putting them off with too much detail, but it’s just a thought.


Thanks so much for your suggestions. Really helpful!

If there’s any more ideas, please don’t hesitate to tell us.


I’m currently interested in machine learning and I understand that it’s a broad topic, but still love to see where elixir/erlang can stand or help in there.


As others have mentioned here, I’m interested in deployments. I’d love to know the de-facto way (at least at the moment) is of deploying Elixir apps. Is it using docker? If so, I’d love to read about the setup. It it using something else? Fantastic, would love more information about these things. How does one deal with configuration in relationship with deployments? How does set up and configure additional nodes for production? I know, this is a big topic that touches many different things and I’m sure each solution “depends” on something. But, I’d love to know a sane, yet professional way of doing things. Thanks for offering to write about these things. Fantastic effort on your end.