What kind of weapon is Elixir?

Saw this comic and started thinking about what kind of weapon Elixir might be. Anyone have any good answers?


Those are so wrong, lol. C first of all is anything but for making reliable code, it should be old and does a very very fast weapon that breaks catastrophically, and a lot just gets worse from there. ^.^;

It’s also a fairly old comic, lol.

For Erlang/Elixir, probably a nanite swarm I’d say.


Should C be a brittle sword without a handle? It can be effective, but you’re going to cut your hand, and maybe it will explode in your hands.

Nanite swarm is good.

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Eh, it’s not fast enough. C is one of the fastest languages out so it should represent that, just very unstable too. ^.^;

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Hard to use in safe way, C is quite stable.

Maybe the Wild West revolver - if done right, it is deadly and fast, but most of them exploded in the face of the user.

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Elixir is a lightsaber, a sword of pure energy that can cut through anything. But you need Jedi training first.


Elixir is a stealth bomber, the secret weapon no one knows exist.


It is like kalashnikov rifle
-Reliable. You can drag it through hell but it will still do the job. Like Elixir with its fault tolerance.
-Modular. You can upgrade and modify them with different parts and attachments. Like Elixir with macros.
-It’s an old design. But it is still relevant and can contend with more modern rifles. Like the BEAM that Elixir runs on.
-They are easy to mass produce. Just as Elixir processes are easy to spawn.


I would say that it is more like FB Beryl. It is old and reliable construction (AK-47/Erlang) in newer format accustomed to different usage (NATO/new developers).

And as an additional joke - both were designed in Poland :wink:


Eh, I’m more referencing the generated code’s stability, what people write.

Hmm, perhaps, but still not fast enough in relation to other weapons on the list. ^.^

I would say “safety”, not “stability”, in that case.

If you want to shoot fast, but with limited capabilities, then stationary Gatling gun will be faster, but in right hands revolver is fast enough and probably even deadlier.