What plugin to I need in VIm to have an `end` inserted when I add a `do`?

I have got the recommended plugins ie vim-elixir and alchemist.vim but not quite sure whether I needs something else fo intellisense, such as adding an end after a do?

Is there any inteliisense plugins for elixir? I have seen one named syntastic but I am not sure if has an elixir configuration

YouCompleteMe works great with alchemist.vim for auto completion


The installation instructions for [YouCompleteMe] look daunting. Is there another alternative or a ready made package for it? On further inspection it appears that adding support for C language families is the daunting part.

I use Plug for installing vim plugins. Is it okay to use Plug to install YouCompleteMe before running the install.py command?

If you are on ubuntu you can drop this in your vimrc and do a :PlugInstall

Plug 'Valloric/YouCompleteMe', { 'do': './install.py --clang-completer --gocode-completer --tern-completer --racer-completer' }

Remove the options that you don’t need, racer for rust, tern for js and gocode for golang completion

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This really saves time and increase the development speed.