What took you way too long to figure out?

I was working on an Ecto migration and I needed a timestamp. So, for the nth time, I looked up the different data types for timestamps, and I saw the usec variant (e.g. :utc_datetime_usec), then I searched the docs for the nth time to see if that is the more precise variant.

And then it hit me: The ‘u’ in usec stands for ‘micro’, as in ‘microseconds’. Which is exactly what the ‘usec’ data type is for. I thought it was some random database jargon. I just never made the connection. :exploding_head:

So, Elixir Forum members: What took you way too long to figure out?

<input name="id">

is fiendishly dangerous in Phoenix LiveView (Forms with child input with attribute `name="id"` are not tracked during re-renders. · Issue #3181 · phoenixframework/phoenix_live_view · GitHub)

It took a long time to discover this in my situation, due to class="absolute top-0" on the offending form.


require takes an :as option:

require Explorer.DataFrame, as: DF

I’d been doing alias ..., as: ... + require for forever.


Getting ex_aws_ses to send a test email. There is no understandable documentation, no examples! Finally, Google Gemini provided some code in the right direction.

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quote and unquote. finally clicked thanks to Saša’s incredible Understanding Elixir Macros series. i swear his narration and answers were exactly 30 seconds ahead of me, asking questions :slight_smile: