What tools/plugins (any editor) do you use to improve your workflow with Elixir?

I will start:

asdf (to switch Elixir/Erlang versions easily)
tmux (to run tests and have multiple terminals)
Integrated terminal (vim, vscode and emacs has builtin)
Run tests from editor (vim-test/vim-test)
elixir-ls (https://github.com/elixir-lsp/elixir-ls#features)
Alternate between test and your implementation file (renderedtext/vim-elixir-alternative-files)
git client in editor (Magit in Emacs, Fugitive in vim and vscode has a builtin)
Open the current line(s) in GitHub from editor (renderedtext/vim-elixir-alternative-files)
ripgrep (to search in terminals and text editors)
Git blame (:Gblame with vim + Fugitive and GitLens in vscode)

  • Nix for version and package management
  • NeoVim with terminal
  • ElixirLS/ErlangLS
  • Projectionist for scaffolding and file jumping, with my project heuristic
  • rg for searching
  • ctags for tag navigation (sometimes faster than LSP and for navigating projects where I do not have LSP)
  • dadbod for writing SQL queries before translating them to Ecto (vim-elixir provides support for Ecto DBs OotB)
  • Makery for running tests, compiling, etc.
  • nix for version management
  • Emacs 28 (nightly builds) to edit files
  • Elixir and Erlang language servers in their latest versions
  • lsp-mode for loading and using the LS’ within emacs
  • magit to interface git from within emacs
  • projectile usually with plain git-based projects for project management
  • entr to run tests on file change in a terminal I have side by side with emacs