What was it like to learn Elixir?

I know it’s a bit strange to ask y’all to respond somewhere else, but it would really help with the design of the Elixir track on exercism.io if you had a moment to chip in with your experience learning Elixir in this issue: https://github.com/exercism/elixir/issues/504



Good luck Devon :023:

We have quite a few threads on learning experiences that might also be helpful, here’s one that may be of interest:

An older one: How have you been learning Elixir & Phoenix? (2017 Edition!)


Few more:


The initiators of those issues at github (they are across 50 languages) like to have the questions answered at GitHub, its already quite a lot across those 50 repositories.

It would make things even more complex if community ressources somewhere else needs to get consulted, which might even be hidden behind Community Levels? (I’m not sure if Elixir Chat is publicly visible or even only visible for trusted members).

And even though its publicly here, it might be gated on other communities, and except those that are privately mailed, the team prefers to have the resources publicly available bundled at github for easy accessibility and discoverability.

But thanks for your offer.

There will be a lot to read anyway, not only elixir…

(I really need to remember to fill a lot of those issues with my experiences)


Yep, all those threads are public :smiley: and yeah I understand - just thought I’d mention them in case they are of any help to you :003: